Are Baby Walkers Good For Development?
Are Baby Walkers Good For Development? Best Guide 2

Are Baby Walkers Good For Development? There is no doubt in the fact that baby walkers do help your child to navigate their way inside the house and help them to use their arms and legs? But, if we’re talking about your babies developing their body parts or some kind of skill with the use of the baby Walker alone, slightly be misguided.

A baby Walker can give the parents a false sense of contentment that their child is safe with it and is learning to walk properly. Sometimes, when the parents are busy with their own work, they even leave their little ones in the baby Walker for long hours. This action alone is enough to point out that the babies do harm themselves because of not being under any kind of supervision. 

Are Baby Walkers Good For Development? is it true

Research and reports show that over 40,000 babies get injured in a year while they are inside the Walker.  This simply can’t be just a coincidence or the fault of the baby walkers. While the talks that the baby Walker does improve and develop your baby’s skills and strength, it can’t and should not be the only source of your kid’s learning.

The walkers may provide some kind of help or offer some fun activities along with it but the baby Walker alone will never develop your child’s confidence or balance or any kind of skills towards walking and learning new things.  When it comes to development aspects you need to know how much your baby needs your participation too.

The next wrong thing that happens with the whole baby Walker situation is that the parents sometimes don’t really know when it is appropriate for them to give their baby a baby Walker. When the babies are too young and the parents still put them inside their baby Walker, because of the baby Walker being sturdy the kids don’t fall out. Hence, the wheels start to move too fast and the babies lose their coordination and their balance of arms and legs. It is not like the babies don’t walk in the baby Walker in the early stages but the biggest drawback is they don’t have any control over their movements.

 They simply go according to the wheels of the Walker and because of this, they end up using some of the muscles in their legs that shouldn’t be used in the early stages. That is why whenever you decide to put your baby inside the baby Walker, please make sure that the baby has enough confidence and capability to use the strength in their arms and legs, and that they can sit themselves without using support.

Never forget that your babies need your support and your help to strengthen themselves more than they need the support of a baby Walker. 

While we can agree to the fact that the baby Walker does help in some fields for the development of your baby, you can’t just entirely keep your hope on a nonliving thing. A baby can develop his senses and skills only when he learns in part by part how to use his feet, his arms, and his legs. Baby Walker should always be the last resort or even a late usage in your baby’s life and not the only source.