Babies and their parents apparently love infant walkers, the parents for the convenience of these wheeled seats for caring for their babies, while the babies can move around in them long before they can walk and even prior to crawling. It is believed by many parents that infant walkers do more than simply enable the baby to explore the world around them including mental stimulation. Age Can A Baby Go In A Walker They also believe that they develop the motor skills needed for walking. 

However, after your baby shows signs of rapid growth, you would be eager to anticipate their first steps. Therefore, the first steps of a baby symbolize independence, and they are also an important event in the parents’ lives. 

Age Can A Baby Go In A Walker
Everything To Know About Baby Walkers 2022 And At What Age Can A Baby Go In A Walker? 2

Encourage your baby to explore and discover their freedom by bringing them a walker home.

Age Can A Baby Go In A Walker


The following are some pros of buying your baby a walker:

  • Helps in promoting mobility:

During these early months, young children are more interested in exploring their surroundings, so a walker gives them the mobility they need and gives them the freedom to maneuver themselves independently. By walking around the room a dozen times, the child gets a good workout for his body and the strength of their legs will also increase. Additionally, the child learns how to reach goals and turn around, coordination and special orientation are being developed.

  • Keeps babies inspired and engaged:

They provide visual stimulation and stimulate mental growth, as well as keep a baby engaged and busy. Most baby walkers are equipped with simple toys or attractions. Because the toys attached to the walker keep the baby engaged, you are able to carry on with your daily tasks. Moreover, there is no need and no time to cry when there has been a change. Kids get excited about changes and feel more grown-up and independent.

  • Encourages your baby to walk:

You may be able to encourage your baby to take his first steps once he has support at hand. This teaches them how standing is beneficial to walking, and they will attempt to achieve it. 


The following are the cons of buying your baby a walker:

  • Compromises normal development of babies:

The roll-sit-up-crawl-walk routine should be followed by your baby, with the emphasis on staying on the floor. This exercise allows all the muscles your baby needs to stand or walk to develop. A walker may prevent them from doing so and compromise normal development.

  • Can result in injuries to babies:

Babies in walkers may come into contact with objects that are out of reach for crawling babies, and this could cause injury.

  • Risk of falling down increases:

Falling, bruising, and concussions become more likely when different objects are around your baby walker or when you are not looking at them. It will be very harmful to babies if they roam near stairs in infant walkers.

  • Difficulty in complete movement:

It is difficult for the baby to move. He/she cannot sit on the floor, stretch or get up. Some of the baby’s movements are restricted by borders and restraining of walkers. 


A baby’s strength, development, and size will have to be considered before using a walker. There is no fixed age at which babies should begin to use a walker. However, Doctors recommend that children be between 6 and 8 months old. To use a walker, the baby needs to be able to hold their head up quite steadily and be able to put their feet on the ground when seated in it. Apart from that, the baby should be able to lift its head quite steadily. 

Make sure you pay attention to your beloved child’s physical condition. If you believe he/she can do any or all of the following, you can buy him/her a walker and put him/her in it-

  • Being good at crawling.
  • Observes the world actively and is curious. 
  • Can sit without any support, and are not falling behind or onto the sides.
  • Can try to stand on their own.
  • Has age of atleast six months.


In this article, we have provided information regarding Infant / Baby Walkers. If you are keen to know about Walkers and looking forward to buying it, then this article will be great for you. You will know the right age at which your baby should start using a Walker and its pros and cons too. Feel free to go through this article.